Creator of thehispanicblog.com and Investor


Raised in a low-income neighborhood in Houston, Texas, Gutierrez is a young Latina, whose resilience and drive propelled her from humble beginnings to prominence in the business world. At the age of 21, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Houston. Upon graduation, she relocated to Miami Beach where her career in Marketing/Public Relations unfolded.

  • Lead the Public Relations department for a multi-billion dollar beauty company in over 100 countries.
    • Produced over $1 billion dollars in free press and publicity for my clients from leading magazines, newspapers, television shows, movies and digital media with high user visibility.
    • Lead Marketing campaigns that produced over $60,000,000 in Sales.
    • Right hand to billionaire, Farouk Shami, for over 6 years.
    • Worked in Hollywood with top notch celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, etc.
    • Speaker at CHI and BioSilk distributor meetings with over 5,000 people.
    • Lead charity campaigns with celebrities such as Magic Johnson, Gene Simmons, Ryan Seacrest, the cast of Modern Family, the World Boxing Council, etc. that raised over $100,000.
    • Directed dozens of commercials and photo shoots for my clients such as a Miss USA photo shoot that’s on YouTube, which currently has over 55,000 views https://youtu.be/E6Wvr59rwQw
    • Managing Editor of an international hair magazine – CHI Magazine – that is distributed in over 100 countries.
    • Got my client, Farouk Shami, to star in full television episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and put him on covers of WSJ and USA Today’s money sections.
    • Headed the hair title sponsorship for the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA for six years.
    • Headed hair sponsorships for New York, Los Angeles and Miami Fashion Week.
    • Television Academy for Primetime Emmy Awards honored me for the contribution of Saturday Night Live’s Outstanding Hairstyling.
    • Worked with two USA presidents – Barack Obama and Donald Trump.
    • Ran a Governor’s campaign and lead Hispanic teams across Texas that produced over 87% of the Latino vote for my candidate in the democratic primary.
    • Helped Harvard’s Kennedy School start their first Latino Leadership Initiative.
    • Met with US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor ater my Harvard initiative.
    • Creator of The Hispanic Blog that was nominated twice by South by Southwest and Univision’s Social Revolución.
    • Starred in a television pilot for with two other Latina publicists
    • Real Estate and Private Equity Investor
    • President of Locan Global

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