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Being Hispanic is a beautiful thing so be honored, proud and enthusiastic about your heritage! God Bless! Make it a FABULOUS DAY!


  1. john phillips says:

    Out of curiosity, why would legal Latinos in this country jump on the Obama bandwagon just because he is allowing illegals to stay here? Does that mean that Latinos are Hispanic first and American second. Does that mean that Latinos are only here to make money and never be part of the system? Do they realize that all these new Latinos will be going after the jobs that their kids will also be going for? Do they realize that Obama already broke his promise to reform immigration when he had a chance the first two years in office? Do they realize he can’t and won’t reform it after he gets reelected? Are legal Latinos that ignorant of the law and the news they do not realize they have been promised reform for their votes by a person who has never kept his past promises and has no intention of keeping his future promises to legal Latinos.

    • Thank you for the comment. First and foremost, please understand that not all Latinos that are documented have jumped on Obama’s bandwagon. With regards to immigration, there are 11 million ppl in this country that are undocumented. There is no way that the USA is going to deport 11 million ppl, and thus the country needs to come up with a solution.

      Latinos are not for undocumentation, they are for immigration reform. The entire immigration system is broken, it is extremely complicated as well as backed up. Please note that Hispanics are also upset with President Obama. His approval rating in July was at its lowest with Latinos because he did not keep any of his promises. President Bush did more for the Latino community than he did.

      Please also note that Latinos that are documented believe in and have great pride in the United States of America. Activists do not believe in breaking the law, they simply want the problem to be addressed in a humane way and do everything they can to work with Congress in finding a solution to the problem.

      The Dream Act simply offers undocumented students who graduate from a university/college a path to citizenship. If they graduate from college, then they will be contributing to our economy. Additionally, the majority of the jobs that undocumented ppl do are jobs that most do not want to do.

      Going back to Romney vs. Obama, Latinos are not happy with either candidate. One doesn’t keep promises and the other one doesn’t even try to work with Latinos in finding solutions and doesn’t do his part to at least try to relate to the Latino community.

      Therefore, Hispanics appreciate that President Obama is at least making an effort to work with Latinos as opposed to Romney that simply brushes them off as “not important.”

      Recently, the former Commerce Secy under the Bush administration Carlos Gutierrez formed “Juntos con Romney” (“Together with Romney”) to reach out and initiate a better relationship with the Latino community. Maybe between Rubio and him they can build a relationship with Hispanics. It will definitely be interesting to see 🙂

      • So, it’s not a point of 11 Million people broke the law. A U.S. law. Any legal citizen should be offended by that in my opinion. I don’t care if the Illegal Immigrant is from Canada. They are still here breaking a U.S. Law. Ignorance of the law when in a court is no excuse. Why is that hard to understand. If I chose to steal monies from you I would think you have a problem. That is exactly what any Illegal Immigrant is from our social support systems. So, you are saying that’s okay so – you should have no problem with someone stealing from you. Because isn’t in reality that’s what you are doing to any legal tax paying citizen?
        I say we can all justify anything we want if that’s your argument. I hope you understand.
        No offense meant – but it really is the same thing.

  2. Just watched speech by San Antonio Mayor Castro. Numerous times during speech he mentioned both God and Dios. At the same time The Democratic Party has officially dropped the word God from its 2012 Platform. We all know how important God is to Latinos. His speech does not even fit in on their Agenda. Also, Latinos do not like abortion(ecspecially Obama’s stance on abortion), and I don ‘t think they are too happy with Gay Marriage either.
    It is a mixed bag on Amnesty, Mexicans highly in favor, Puerto Ricans mainly against, and other Immigrants divergent view. The Democratic Party is not step with the Latino Community as a hole.

  3. Don Samaniego says:

    Hispanics are hungry for change. The time has come for all Americans of any/all Hispanic ancestry, to realize that our survival is contingent on everyone being part of the solution. America, because of her past has never really tapped in on any “minority” groups, consequently, our impact has been severely impaired. We need to understand how there is power in Unity and proceed accordingly. I am ready to be a peaceful example of the solution that will make America the example for the world to emulate. Not sure how, but I’m open to suggestion. Thank you for your time.

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