Thehispanicblog.com launched nationally to galvanize a movement that inspired Latinos politically and through other avenues such as history and marketing, etc.

Like so many Latinos, I came from the pit and not a palace. My grades were definitely not a reflection of my genius, but my determination and perseverance were. Through grants and scholarships, I was able to receive my International Business degree at 21. I moved to Miami and my mind was shifted. I stepped out of my comfort zone and into my called place where I started possessing and walking  in who I truly am. Since I was a little girl, I would dream, and I just knew I was born to do great things. I challenge the system and it changes! I don’t live frustrated, I live activated! I had to experience it, so I could transform it! I stopped seeing myself as a victim to my circumstances because I knew that I knew that I was a child of destiny. Then, unexpectedly, I stumbled upon a new world beyond anything I ever imagined or deemed possible. I was working with celebrities, jet setting around the world, and even meeting with President Obama and now President Trump. I am living proof that our mind determines who we are, what we can do and what we can have!


How many of you have experienced living in the barrio or hood? How many of you were emotionally and/or physically abused? How many of you were violated? How many of you were raped? How many of you were called liars after you were raped? How many of you have lived in Section 8 Housing? How many of you have gone through hell and back? If this is you, then it is time to take your life back.

Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through you. Risk being seen in all of your glory. You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world. You will only ever have two choices: LOVE or FEAR Choose LOVE and don’t ever let fear turn you away from your playful heart. You can spend your life imagining ghosts and worrying about the pathway to the future, but all there will ever be is what is happening here. The decisions we make in this moment are either based in LOVE or FEAR. So many people choose a path of FEAR disguised as practicality because what you really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect. So you never dare to ask the universe for it. I am saying to you my fellow Latinos that I am the proof. You can ask the universe for it!


“Latinos, let this be the day we become immune to fear and blinded to the possibility of failure. Let this be the day we take inventory on ourselves and recognize that our value is established by our ability to render service to our community, and in turn induce others to render such services. Let this be the day we CEASE divisions among our peoples, and SEIZE the moment for all of our peoples! Let this be the day we dare to inspire, elevate self-respect and contribute to every person’s worth striving to set the bar higher and higher for ourselves, for our children and for our children’s children. Let this be the moment we recognize that in union there is strength but as individuals we are powerless. Let us make the definite decision to put our minds and hearts together in such a way tremendous power is ignited! A power so forceful, like an incandescent fire accelerating fearlessly into the night that in the heat of a moment and without warning, a LATINO REVOLUTION IS BORN!!!” -Jessica Marie Gutierrez
Gutierrez with President of Univision Networks, Cesar Conde and CEO of FSI Farouk Shami at the Harvard Kennedy School launching the 1st Annual Latino Leadership Initiative

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God Bless! Don’t forget you are in charge of your life so make it a fabulous day 🙂


  1. Hello to all of you. I am a political blogger and post to many of the sites here in the U.S. I am also a Republican but have been, for many years a Democrat. When Barack Obama became president, I changes once I saw what he was about. I tell you these things for your own good. So many people in the U.S. are either in a state of serious denial or they just do not want to know the truth. First of all, I know that many Mexicans, whites and blacks will support Obama simple because he is black. Many others will support him because they believe he will give them everything they want. I guess those are valid reasons to the person they belong to. I do know this however, Obama is a devout Muslim and believes in Allah. He does not believe in God. He is anti-American, pro-socialist and practices the trick he learned by studying Saul Alinsky’s book on organizing a society. If you vote for Obama, you are voting for a man who is without God, a man who will give you what you want, for a short time only. The man has lied from day one and has an administration that is bent on racial divide and hate. That is the way he will re-organize society…racial hatred and division in his attempt to make the US into a marxist nation. Do not fall for the deceits of this man. Do not vote for him. You are a part of the American society and I am sure you want the very same things I and millions of other Americans want….less taxes, better chances for ourselves and our children, health and hoped for prosperity. We do not want a country this is based on Islam and we do not want a president who is Islamc from birth.

    • Thank you for your comment as I do believe everyone is entitled 2 their opinion and can appreciate that you are making the effort to be politically involved. That is definitely commendable, however “for healthy debate’s sake,” I would like to point out that I am a Christian and President Obama has always declared he is a Christian. He went to the same Christian church for 20 years & for his inauguration even had the Lincoln Bible especially chosen.

      On the other hand, let’s just say that you are right & he has been lying to everyone & is this undercover Muslim. If we review history, in Judaism, one prays to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. In Christianity, one also prays to the God of Abraham Isaac & Jacob only we now do it in the name of Jesus who is the Divine Son of God. The Islam religion also branched off of Judaism and also prays to the God of Abraham, however they don’t believe there is the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob because then that is stating that the Jews are the chosen ones which they do not believe. Ishmael was also the son of Abraham and thus they also believe that they are also chosen. Therefore, they believe in the God of Abraham but choose to use the Arabic word Allah because they feel it is pure where as the English word God can be misused.

      For example, God + s = Gods If you add ‘S’ to God, it becomes Gods that is plural of God. Allah is one and singular there is no plural of Allah. Same with godfather, godmother, etc., therefore because they feel it is more sacred they use the word “Allah.” Just as the Jews used the tetragrammaton YHWH which is supposed to be the equivalent to “Yahweh.” Remember the term was removed because they did not feel worthy enough to use God’s personal name that they began associating him to “Elohim”, “Adonai,” “El Shaddai” etc. The word “Addonai” Translators often render YHWH as a word meaning “Lord”, e.g., Greek Κυριος, Latin Dominus, and following that, English “the LORD”, Welsh Arglwydd, etc.

      Therefore, the Muslim religion believes in the God of Abraham very much. The terrorists have been Muslim but it is not fair of us to judge an entire religion based on the acts of a few bad seeds. If we classify every Muslim as a terrorist, then isn’t that being “UnAmerican” of us?

      Now, let’s look at Romney’s religion. He is a Mormon and they consider themselves to be under the Christian umbrella. However, the reason there is so much controversy with their religion being associated to Christianity is because a Christian believes in the teachings of Christ and that He is in fact the Divine Son of God. However, Mormons believe Christ existed, but they do not believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah & the Divine Son of God. Rather they believe that each of us has a god-like spirit that can cause us to be somewhat divine, so when Jesus performed miracles it was not because He was divine rather it was because He knew how to utilize that “divine” human spirit within all of us. Therefore, like the Mormons, Muslims also believe that Jesus existed but that He was not the Divine Son of God. However, the Muslims are biblical in the sense that they do not believe we have a divine human spirit rather they believe Jesus was a prophet God used and go as far as even believing that Jesus Christ was indeed born of Immaculate Conception.

      Therefore if President Obama were in fact Muslim, then both Romney and him have religions with the same core belief…there is only one God; the God of Abraham and Jesus was just a man not the Son of God.

      Additionally, the majority of Latinos side with President Obama not because he’s black but because he is addressing the issues Latinos believe in & are important to them. On the other hand Romney has been on the opposite side of every issue that is important to Hispanics.

      This blog does not endorse either candidate or either party; we simply provide facts, information & resources that pertain to the Hispanic community.

      I believe it is very important to be involved politically and therefore I thank you & appreciate your comment. God bless!

      • I like the post but know for a fact that the Mormons belief that Jesus is the son of God. It says it right here on their site of what they believe. http://mormon.org/jesus-christ/

      • Thank you Matt and the only reason LOL that I can answer this so quickly is because I’ve studied all of the main religions thoroughly. I do not judge the Mormon religion or any religion, but I will state the facts. There are many religions under the “Christian” umbrella, and even though they each have different focuses and minor differences like Baptists focus more on the baptism and Pentecostals on the Day of Pentecost, etc.; or Catholics include 2 books from the Apocrypha; ultimately their core belief of who Jesus Christ is, is the same. If the Mormon belief in Jesus Christ were as simple as they have made it out to be on their website, then the Christians wld not have a problem with them associating themselves as Christians. Thus, it is what they do not state that causes ppl to be mislead.

        Let me explain, while the statements on (mormon.org/jesus-christ) are true, they fail to mention what they believe the deity process of both God the Father and God the Son is. They also fail to mention their core beliefs about apostasy, sin and atonement, salvation, heaven/hell, the exaltation of humans, etc., which is completely opposite of everything the Christians believe in. Thus, when you understand their core beliefs you come to realize why the Christians don’t want the Mormons associating themselves as “Christians.”

        I apologize for my grammar, but I’m typing super fast and not editing LOL :-/ Furthermore, I want to reiterate my gratitude for posting your comment, but I also believe in presenting all of the facts to my readers, therefore below are the controversies (including Jesus Christ) between the Mormons and the Christians:

        The Mormons believe that God the Father was once a man and that he then progressed to godhood (that is, he is a now-exalted, immortal man with a flesh-and-bone body). However, Christians note that Biblically, God has not and has never been a man (Num 23:19; Hos 11:9). He is a spirit (Jn 4:24), and a spirit doesn’t have flesh and bones (Lk 24:39). Furthermore, Christians believe God is eternal (Ps 90:2; 102; 27; Is 57:15; 1 Tim 1:17) and immutable (or unchangeable in His being and perfections; Ps 102:25-27; Mal 3:6) and did not progress toward godhood, but has always been the one and only Living God.

        Mormons believe that humans like God the Father, can go through a process of exaltation to godhood. However, the Christians believe that the Bible teaches that the yearning to be godlike led to the fall of mankind (Gn 3:4). Christians believe that God doesn’t look kindly on humans who pretend to attain to deity (Acts 12:21-23; contrast Acts 14:11-15). God desires humans to humbly recognize that they are His creatures (Gn 2:7; 5:2; Ps. 95: 6-7; 100:3). The state of the redeemed in eternity will forever remain God’s creatures, adopted as His children (Rm 8:14-30; 1 Cor 15:42-57; Rev 21:3-7), and thus believers will never become gods.

        The Mormons believe Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the Son of God. He is their Redeemer that Jesus Christ was the firstborn spirit child of the heavenly Father and a heavenly mother. Jesus then progressed to deity in the spirit world. He was later physically conceived in Mary’s womb as the literal “only begotten” Son of God the Father in the flesh (though many present day Mormons remain somewhat vague as to how this occurred). Christians believe that Biblically, the description of Jesus as the “only begotten” refers to His being the Father’s unique, one of a kind Son for all eternity, with the same divine nature as the Father. Moreover, He is eternal deity (Jn 1:1; 8:58) and is immutable (Hb 1:10-12; 13:8) meaning He did not progress to deity but has always been God. And Mary’s conception of Jesus in His humanity was through a miracle of the Holy Spirit (Mt 1:20).

        Mormons believe that Adam’s transgression was a noble act that made it possible for humans to become mortal, a necessary step on the exaltation to godhood. Mormons believe that Christ’s atonement secures immortality for virtually all people, whether they are repent and believe or not. However Christians believe that Biblically, there was nothing noble of Adam’s sin which was not a stepping stone to godhood but rather brought nothing but sin, death and misery to mankind (Gen 3:16-19; Rom 5:12-14). Jesus atoned for the sins of all who would trust him for salvation (Is 53:6; Jn 1:29; 2 Cor 5:21; 1 Pt 2:24; 3:18; 1 Jn 2:2; 4:10).

        Mormons believe that “total” apostasy overcame the church following apostolic times and that the Mormon church (founded in 1830) is the “restored church.” However, the Christians disagree and state that if the Mormon Church were truly a “restored church,” one would expect to find first century historical evidence for Mormon doctrines like the plurality of gods and God the Father having once been a man. Such evidence Christians state is completely lacking and the Bible disallows a total apostasy of the church (e.g. Mt 16:18; 28:20; Eph 3:21; 4:11-16), warning instead of partial apostasy (1 Tim 4:1).

        Mormons believe that God gives to (virtually) everyone a general salvation to immortal life in one of the heavenly kingdoms, which is how the Mormons understand the concept of “salvation by grace.” Belief in Christ is necessary only to obtain passage to the highest celestial kingdom – for which not only faith but participation in Mormon temple rituals and obedience to its “laws of the gospels” are also prerequisites. However, Christians point out that Biblically “salvation by grace” must be received through the faith in Christ (Jn 3:15-16; 11:25; 12:46; Acts 16:31; Rm 3:22-24; Eph 2:8-9), and all true believers are promised eternal life in God’s presence (Mt 5:3-8; Jn 14:1-3; Rv 21:3-7).

        Mormons believe that most people will end up in one of three kingdoms of glory, depending on one’s level of faithfulness, and therefore only the most spiritually perverse will go to hell. However, the Christians believe the Bible teaches that people have just two possibilities for their eternal futures: the saved will enjoy eternal life with God in the new heavens and new earth (Phil 3:20; Rev 21:1-4; 22:1-5), while the unsaved will spend eternity in hell (Mt 25:41-46; Rv 20:13-15).

        The public practice of polygamy by the church was terminated in 1890 by the Manifesto issued by church President Willford Woodruff. Today, all of the 14 million members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) are strictly monogamist, and members who are known to practice polygamy are excommunicated.

        Still, the practice of plural marriage continues among tens of thousands of members of various fundamentalist splinter groups long disassociated from the main body of the church, such as the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) or the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). These polygamist sects are generally located in Utah, Arizona, Texas, and other parts of the Western United States, Canada, and Mexico. Even though polygamy is generally illegal in all 50 states and in all three countries, practitioners are almost never prosecuted unless there is evidence of abuse, statutory rape, welfare fraud, or tax evasion.

  2. tthan43 says:

    Hello to all. About Romney:
    I know that Romney is a believer in Christ and is, therefore a Christian. His religion does not concern me in the very least. My main concern is that he cannot beat Obama. Obama is a master at fiery speeches rallying millions to his causes. He has the same ability as all of history’s masters of moving the masses to rally to their cause. Obama, by virtue of his mastery of speeches, is a formidable opponent. He is also a master of illusions and smoke and mirrors and broken promises with hidden agendas. This began with his promise of Transparency…there has been none. And it got worse from there. Romney, on the other hand, cannot rally anyone. All he can do is stutter, hesitate and grin his stupid-looking grin while mouthing some insignificant trivia. Obama will crush him like a bug. I have to say that because I am a Republican and a conservative. I hate to admit that the GOP chose a loser. Romney and the GOP put all their billions of dollars together and bought this election as far as I can tell. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to honor Mr. Chavez. I remember when he was an activist for the good of the Latinos and really all people who struggle in society. I admired him then and I still admire him. He, in many ways, was much like Mother Theresa in India in that both of them gave their toils, their persons and their hearts and minds to those who struggle against oppression and social injustices. A great great great man.

    • Thank you for your comment tthan43. Those are really nice things you said about Cesar Chavez, and thus I would like to thank you for that. However, since your first message brought up the religion aspect, then I must clarify the points to my readers. Also, Romney is a big defender of the Mormon religion, and thus while it is true that he believes in Jesus Christ, he believes in Him the way it is taught in the Mormon religion. I also want to clarify for my readers that President Obama continues to deny claims that he is or has ever been Muslim and continues to state he is a Christian.

      However, I also believe like you that we must look beyond simply religion, and look at every issue that is important to us and evaluate who we vote for based on who is ultimately helping our country get ahead 🙂 God Bless! Thank you for your comment and thanks so much for your input 🙂

  3. Doug Hibbeler says:

    A botched Gun-Sting; er, well, it was missing the whole recovery ‘sting’ part. It could also be seen as arming the rebels to create more violence in an effort to undermine the government of Mexico. I hope you can read the hypocrisy of those claiming it’s only political, what they are really saying is ‘it’s only Mexicans’. Nobody died in Watergate and it sure isn’t political for the families of the dead!

  4. Any president or candidate can claim their christian! Don’t be fooled, they will say anything to be president!! The Tea Party is for the Billionaires not for average citizens. Democratic Party stands up the the middle class and the poor. The Republican party stands up the the rich.

  5. Question…does Emilio Estefan respect Veterans?





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