Teresa Samaniego from KABC7, Dora Carias, Dora Nunez Mujeres Descatada 2012 Award Winner, Corina Villaraigosa from the Montebello School District

“My professional and personal objective is to inform, support, and motivate people to progress, to be successful with perseverance and by being loyal to their values and culture. This award pushes me to continue my passion of outreach to multicultural communities.  It serves as a reminder that closing the digital divide remains a top priority.” -Dora Nunez, Public Affairs Manager Nielsen

La Opinión – ImpreMedia 

Dora Nuñez, manager of public affairs for Nielsen, received the Mujeres Destacadas Award in the category of Business and Technology. impreMedia, the leading Hispanic news and information company, continued tradition of honoring remarkable Latinas in its signature editorial series and awards luncheon, Mujeres Destacadas/Exceptional Women. La Opinión, one of impreMedia’s leading publications, created the award in 2007, as part of its goal to recognize and celebrate the diverse accomplishments and contributions of Latinas in Los Angeles and surrounding communities. In celebration of International Women’s History Month, 30 remarkable Southern California Latina women who are making outstanding contributions in the fields of Health, Leadership, Education, Business/Technology and Arts and Culture were honored at a luncheon at The Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

ImpreMedia is the number one Hispanic news and information company in the U.S. in online and print. Its leading publications include La Opinión in Los Angeles and El Diario and La Prensa in New York. The Chief Executive officer of impreMedia is Mónica Lozano.  She is also the chair of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). She is one of the most prominent Latinas in the Nation.

Mujeres Destacadas/Exceptional Women Awards 2012

ImpreMedia honors Latina women in the month of March his national celebration is comprised of their respected brands in 4 local markets to validate these extraordinary women (in New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Chicago). In Los Angeles, La Opiniópresented their Annual Mujeres Destacadas/Exceptional Women’s Awards on Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. PST at The Millennium Biltmore Hotel, 506 S. Grand Avenue, LA, CA 90071 in Celebration of the extraordinary women who are making a difference in our communities”

Receiving the award Dora Nunez

Nielsen: Why were they there?

Nielsen Holdings N.V. (NYSE: NLSN) is a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, trade shows and related properties. Nielsen has a presence in approximately 100 countries, with headquarters in New York, USA and Diemen, the Netherlands. For more information, visit

With Keynote Speaker - Media mogul Nelly Galan and Dora Nunez

Nielsen continues to focus on building awareness about the company to the Latino community. In the past, Nielsen has participated in the Los Angeles and New York events.  This would be Nielsen’s fifth year participating with La Opinióin Los Angeles.  In previous years Nielsen’s Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Mónica Gil was honored in 2010 in the category of Business and Technology and this year Dora Nuñez receiving the same award. The Business/Technology Award is given to women who have played a significant role in the economic development or technological advancement for the Latino community.

Rosemary Portillo (l), public affairs event manager, gives a Homescan and Local People Meter (LPM) demonstrations.

This year approximately 400 people were in attendance and Nielsen was represented on stage by Event Manager Rosemery Portillo who shared some fun fact on Latinos and Latinas.  She also presented the Leadership category.

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    • Thank you for your comment as I do believe everyone is entitled 2 their opinion and can appreciate that you are making the effort to be politically involved. That is definitely commendable, however “for healthy debate’s sake,” I would like to point out that I am a Christian and President Obama has always declared he is a Christian. He went to the same Christian church for 20 years & for his inauguration even had the Lincoln Bible especially chosen.

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      Additionally, the majority of Latinos side with President Obama not because he’s black but because he is addressing the issues Latinos believe in & are important to them. On the other hand Romney has been on the opposite side of every issue that is important to Hispanics.

      This blog does not endorse either candidate or either party; we simply provide facts, information & resources that pertain to the Hispanic community.

      I believe it is very important to be involved politically and therefore I thank you & appreciate your comment. God bless!



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