1. While Soledad O’Brien can be overly obnoxious with her interviews of Republicans, her similar attitude in today’s interview with Mr. Gutierrez regarding the Arizona law seemed warranted. It is extremely frustrating to see the avoidance of policy positions regarding immigration on the part of the Romney campaign — especially when key Hispanics are serving as the spokespersons. Why can’t they just take a stand, explain why they think it is best for the country, explain why they think it is fair, compare it to the other alternatives they have considered — and lead! Leadership involves formulating good solutions and promoting them to all parties involved to gain buy-in — even if everyone isn’t in 100% agreement.

    Mr. Gutierrez and Senator Rubio are in excellent positions to help formulate the best possible plan and vision. Why don’t they do it? If Romney thinks “trust me” is going to work with Hispanics when he doesn’t even take a stand, it just isn’t going to sell. He, and his Hispanic advisers, need to come up with a comprehensive plan that is the best answer they can generate — and promise Hispanics that they will do something about it within the first 90 days of the administration. The core Romney base isn’t going to vote for Obama regardless of an “amnesty” or “dream” program developed by Gutierrez or Rubio. Ronald Regan promoted the largest amnesty program in US history, and this same base loves him. The critical Independent vote is very open-minded toward a fair immigration compromise.

    This could put Romney in a strong position with Hispanics relative to Obama — with Obama’s broken promise to address the issue when he had control of both houses. Deportations have also been at an all time high under Obama. Hispanic unemployment has been at an all time high under Obama. If, however, Gutierrez and Rubio don’t sit with Romney to make him take a stand, the opportunity to appeal to Hispanics will be lost. Hispanics cannot be expected to “trust him” if he doesn’t supply specifics. The policy won’t make everyone totally happy, but we would all, at least, know where he stands.

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