The numbers from the U.S. Census dazzle.  One out of six residents of America is Hispanic. Over the past decade this group grew 43%.  By 2014, its purchasing power will reach more than $1.5 trillion.  Mmmmm, if you think about it they will eventually constitute the 10th largest economy in the world.  This should be a gold mine for marketers.  But, it isn’t, at least not yet.  Investors have to be cautious about companies gushing about the potential.  That might all it turns out to be – potential.

Who’s Tapping Into the Surging Hispanic Market?

The reality is that the Hispanic market is a tough nut to crack, at least for outsiders, that is those who aren’t Hispanic.  Too many marketers made that same wrong assumption in pitching the over-50 audience, which is really at least three very different segments. In addition, each generation of Hispanics brings its own changes, including in language abilities, preferences, and nuance.  As we know, a generational shift in our digital fast time can happen every few years or even sooner.

Trade publication MOBILE DEMYSTIFIED points out that Verizon (NYSEVZ) Wireless hit a homerun with an ad during the Copa America.  It is written in “Spanglish,” a mash-up of Spanish and English. Verizon has been close enough to the customer to get this idiomatic way of speaking down cold.  Maybe that has plenty to do with why Verizon is the leader in wireless and can charge the highest fees.  Its stock price at 39 is very near the 52-week high.

As for Hispanic values, they’re as many-layered as they are with any group. The innate diversity of just about any culture becomes clear when someone is paying attention to what’s really going on in the culture, which is actually loosely connected clusters of subcultures.  Therefore, pitching to the supposed dominance of the family in Hispanic life could be off the money with large parts of the poulation. That’s because more and more are consumed business owners, including the women.

According to HispanTelligence, in the next six years, Hispanic-owned businesses in the US are expected to grow almost 42% to 4.3 million with total revenues of $539 billion. Being an entrepreneur pulls in the emotions and economic survival of many others. Therefore, marketers have to tap into the broad-based drive to make it in America.

So, how can companies understand this multi-faceted Hispanic market? One approach has been to become an insider.  Here are some examples of that:

Providing Opportunity

Way back when IBM (NYSE: IBM) was expanding its reach around the world it developed a new model.  It knew that to succeed it had to become an insider.  It did that by creating economic opportunity for the natives of the nations in which it was establishing businesses.  Not only did IBM provide good jobs but it also developed the residents for positions of top leadership.  Eventually, the country manager was a native.  An added goody was that the IBM brand became the symbol of global good corporate citizenship.  AT&T (NYSE:T) is mirroring that pattern, only domestically. About 12% of its workforce is Hispanic, with a number reaching the top such as Chief Executive Officer and President of its Mobility and Consumer Markets Ralph de la Vega.  Almost 19% of its purchases are from minority vendors.

Finding the Right Dance Partner  

There’s the age-old business question whether to grow a business internally or graft on another company’s successful enterprise. Investors recognize how critical this decision is, always questioning what would be cheaper and quicker with the best odds for success. DISH Network (NASDAQ: DISH), the third largest pay-TV provider, has decided to go the second way – joining forces with a proven entity in the Hispanic space. Why reinvent the wheel?  It has entered a multi-year agreement with Univision Communications, the leader in Hispanic America media.  Together the two are launching new networks for sports, soap operas (popularity of “Downton Abbey” showed that genre isn’t dead), news including from Mexico and Latin America, and entertainment. Since many alliances come undone, this is one investors will be monitoriing for cracks.  Rumor has it that AOL’s acquisition of Huffington Post isn’t going so hot, not in spirit and not in profits.

Being There To Help 

image from White House website

Help, as every businessperson knows, is a two-way street.  Doing good often is the platform for doing well.  Members of the Fortune 500 such as JP Morgan Chase(NYSE: JPM) have partnered with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) to be there with resources, ranging from know-how to networks.  For example, JP Morgan Chase’s Vice President of the Office of Corporate Responsibility Peter R. Villegas chairs USHCC’s Senior Executive Corporate Advisory Board.  That group, as its name indicates, advises the USHCC on business and policy issues which could impact Hispanic entrepreneurs.  One of USHCC’s missions is to increase vendor contracts with corporations and government.  Another is to encourage Hispanic youth to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

The first challenge is for the outsider to get inside.  Next comes the ongoing need to keep creating value.  That’s what investors should keep their eye on when predicting the company’s profits from the Hispanic market.

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Dish Debuts Univision Novelas on Latino Package Network is First of Quartet of Cable Services DBS Provider will Launch under New Distribution Pact

Dish Network has rolled out Univision Novelas, the first of four new cable networks being launched by the U.S. Hispanic media leader this spring. Featuring a mix of current and library novelas from Univision’s vast archives, Univision Novelas is now available to DishLatinos customers. The network will be flanked by an online website at for women to connect on issues and topics explored in the novelas and that are close to their hearts. Fans can also engage with the new network on Univision Novelas’ forums , on Twitter via @unitlnovelas and on
Novelas’ bow is part of a far-reaching affiliation deal Univision struck with the nation’s No. 3 distributor in January. As part of the agreement, terms of which were not disclosed, Dish will also become the first distributor to carry dedicated sports and news services, Univision Deportes Univision Noticias. Another network sports service, Univision Deportes Dos will be exclusive to Dish subs during 2012. All three of those networks are slated to bow during the first half of the year, according to a Univision spokeswoman.
“We are thrilled to unveil Univision tlnovelas, a network dedicated to the novela phenomenon which has transcended decades and generations as one of the most watched genres on television and continues to have mass appeal across all age groups,” said Jessica Rodriguez, senior vice president of Univision Cable Networks in a statement. “This network will attract the novela fan at all levels, from novela addicts to closet viewers, who for the first time will have access to a replay of the most popular, romantic stories of all time, available at one destination.”

In what will be its fist authenticated partnership, Univision is developing “TV Everywhere” applications for Novelas — and the other services– that will be available to verified Dish subscribers at a later juncture.

“We are pleased to have reached a multi-platform, multi-year agreement with Univision for their newest channels, including their award-winning novelas on this new linear channel, Univision tlnovelas,” noted Dish senior vice president of Programming Dave Shull. “These novelas and thousands of hours of other Univision content will be available on demand on TVs, PCs and mobile devices for our customers.”

Coming out of the gate, the Univision Novela lineup includes:

6:00 p.m. (ET) – “Esmeralda” (Emerald) – Starring Leticia Calderón and novela heart-throb Fernando Colunga, this is a story of switched destinies. Two babies are born, but the obsessive desire for a male heir and a trick of destiny causes their lives to change. The boy who was born in a miserable shack opens his eyes to the opulence of a mansion; and the beautiful little girl who was born to a silken crib takes her first steps inside the corrugated walls of poverty. The little girl, Esmeralda, is born blind, but years later, she meets the boy and they fall in love, but the secrets of the past threaten to keep them apart.
7:00 p.m. – “Palabra de Mujer” (A Woman’s Word) – Starring Edith González, Ludwika Paleta, Yadhira Carrilo and Lidia Avila. Vanesa approaches her friend Delia to help her establish a production company to produce quality programming for women with Fernanda, Paulina, Matilde and Irmita supporting the business venture. The television program they seek to create becomes the motivation that Vanesa needs to rebuild her life after Julian, her husband of 22 years, leaves her for a younger woman. The show they produce, Palabra de Mujer, follows the interconnected lives of these four women from varied social backgrounds in Mexico City and how they leverage their professional success to gain control of their personal lives that have spiraled out of control.
8:00 p.m. – “Yo Amo a Juan Querendón” (I Love Irresistible Juan) – Eduardo Santamarina plays the decidedly un-dashing Juan Querendón. This leading man isn’t rich, isn’t very handsome, and doesn’t dress well, but all the ladies love him for his kind heart and “colorful” ways. Juan holds women in very high esteem. He considers them the most beautiful creatures on the face of the Earth, nature’s masterpiece, to be respected and worshipped like goddesses. As a result, he falls madly in love with them all, and they with him. One misadventure leads to another, but one thing is clear from the start: viewers find Juan Querendón irresistible, too.


9:00 p.m. – “Huracan” (Hurricane) – The late Eduardo Palomo and the beautiful Angélica Rivera star in this story set in the beautiful Mexican port of Mazatlán. Helena and Ulises vowed to love each other forever, carving their names on a rock by the sea. They never suspected that because of a juvenile mistake, destiny would drive them apart and change their lives completely.
10:00 p.m. – “Rosa Salvaje” (Wild Rose) – The classic story of a young girl who goes from rags to riches, twice. Rosa marries into a wealthy family, but leaves her husband when she learns that he only married her to spite his sisters and refuses to accept any alimony. To her surprise, Rosa is reunited with her long-lost mother, an upper-class woman, and becomes extremely wealthy. The novela stars Veronica Castro, Guillermo Capetillo, and Laura Zapata.
11:00 p.m. – “Niña Amada Mía” (My Beloved Little Girl) – Starring Karyme Lozano and the dashing Sergio Goyri. Don Clemente is a rich landowner who has been widowed for some time. When he decides to remarry, the three daughters he has raised since infancy suspect their new stepmother is only after their father’s fortune. Soon all three daughters must make life changing decisions of whether to follow their hearts or obey their loving but strict father’s wishes.

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